My latest updates are not showing up.

If you just published a blog post and it's not showing up on your site, or if you've made other changes and they're not appearing, then the issue is cache.

Cache is where all of the data of your site is stored in an external location over a period of time so your website runs quickly and all the data from your site doesn't have to constantly be reloaded.

Your website could be caching in several locations. Here are the 3 main areas that you'll want to clear in order to see your latest updates.

Your Browser

The first place to check is with your browser settings and make sure to clear your cache and cookies.  Once you do this, refresh the page of your site and see if the edits you made show up.  If not, move to the next step.

Your Plugins

Click on Plugins in your Wordpress to dashboard and check if you have any plugins install that have the word "cache" in them.  If so, you can either disable that plugin, or you can go to the settings of that plugin and clear the cache.  It's best that you go into the settings and clearthe cache to make sure it actually clears.

If you've done this step and you're still not seeing your updates, proceed to the next step.

Your Server

The next step is to check with your hosting provider and make sure they don't have a cache option turned on with your website.  Some hosts will automatically turn this on without your knowledge. Ask them if they have a Server Side Cache enabled for your website, and if so, have them disable it.

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