How to Add a Product to your Shop

Navigate to Products > Add New

Enter the title of your product in the title field.

Use the field below to enter information about your item, dimensions, etc...

Under product categories, select the desired category or enter a new category.

Under product data, if the product is downloadable, select Virtual and Downloadable.

Enter the price, and upload the downloadable file.

If the product is not downloadable, enter the price and proceed to the next step.

Click on inventory > under SKU enter the stock number.

Click on shipping > Enter the weight, dimensions and shipping class.

Use the attributes section to add any necessary attributes, ie.. colors, etc..

Use the advanced section to add a note for your buyers.

Under product short description, enter a brief description about your item.

Under product image, choose the image you'd like to display in your shop.

Use the product gallery to upload additional images of your product.

Click publish and voila!

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