Set Up Instagram Feed

To set up your Instagram feed, navigate to Plugins > Add New and install and activate Instagram Feed.

Once the Instagram Feed plugin is activated, navigate to Instagram Feed and click on "Log in and get my Access Token and User ID." Make sure you're logged into Instagram. Once you've completed this step, copy and paste your Access Token into its correct space. Under "Show Photos from", paste in your USERID or hash tag, if you prefer.

Here's a screenshot of how you'll want your settings to look:

Next up, click on Customize. This is the page where your can customize the look and feel of your Instagram feed. It's best to leave the General section alone and scroll down to the Layout section. Here you can choose how many photos you'd like to display, how many columns, etc...

Here's a look at my General/Layout sections:

I recommend navigating to the sections titled Header, 'Load More' button and 'Follow' button and choose not to display these options, especially if you plan to display your Instagram feed in the footer of your website. Here's an example:

Next, click on Display Your Feed. Copy the Instagram shortcode. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets and add a new Custom HTML widget to the widget section of your choice. (Usually titled Instagram or Instagram Feed.) Paste your shortcode into this widget and click save.

And voila! You're finished!

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